Saturday, December 05, 2009


Sanity Tip--Good Relationships

Research, personal experience and history testify that one of the most effective ways to weather tough times and stay sane is to have good relationships. Good relationships form a safety net under us. They are a refuge, a place to refuel, a way to give and to receive, and a means to be held accountable.
Corrections work only too often takes its toll on relationships, as weary staff tend to lash out in anger or withdraw in reaction to even minor irritations.
If you want to make a priceless resolution for the new year, determine to say something encouraging, comforting or complimentary to those who are important to you whenever you interact with them. Make it an intentional goal. Or make it a game in which you are competing with yourself, ignoring old habits and strenghtening new ones. Do whatever it takes, but do it. Keep a log of what you said, to whom you said it and when until this new practice becomes second nature to you. And for extra benefit, make a point to listen with a caring and compassionate ear to those who matter to you.

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